SNOLAB Strategic Plan Community Input Survey
SNOLAB is embarking on a refresh of its Strategic Plan for 2017-2022. To ensure we have full engagement from the research community and all our other stakeholders, SNOLAB is requesting your input on our strategic direction. Thank you for taking the time to provide your valuable input.   

The "Submit Button" is located at the bottom of the survey.  Please scroll down to the bottom to submit at any time.  Responses will be accepted until 11:59 EST Monday March 28, 2016.  Responses will be discussed at a town meeting at SNOLAB on April 1st, 2016. 

Our current strategic plan can be found at

In your engagement with SNOLAB to date, what SNOLAB capabilities and resources have you benefitted from, and how have these enabled or influenced your research outcomes?

SNOLAB Science

The SNOLAB science programme has expanded following the last Strategic Plan, and now encompasses subatomic and nuclear physics, astrophysics, genomics and engineering. Specifically, SNOLAB now has dark matter, neutrino-less double beta decay, supernova neutrino, low radiation dose genomics, and mining engineering experiments.
Is the SNOLAB scientific program appropriately focused?

Are there areas that should have higher priority? 
Are there areas that are missing?

For your area of research, are there additional capabilities and overall requirements that SNOLAB should consider including in the strategic plan?

What role would you like to see SNOLAB play in future developments of your field of research, through scientific support, community building or as a connection to international networks?

What long-term opportunities or aspirations should SNOLAB be considering to help support your future scientific requirements, on a national or international basis?


A vision defines where we ultimately want SNOLAB to be in the future. The current SNOLAB vision statement is:

“To be the location and partner of choice for deep underground science, delivering world- class science and benefit to Canada, and her international partners, by providing and promoting national and international access to the unique facilities and expertise at SNOLAB.”
Is the current SNOLAB vision statement still appropriate?

Are there any improvements you would suggest?

SNOLAB Mission

Mission statements define how  we are to achieve our vision for SNOLAB. The SNOLAB mission statements are to:

Enable world-class science;  
Spearhead world-class science;
Catalyse world-class science;
Promote world-class science;
Inspire the next generation.
Are the current SNOLAB mission statements still appropriate?

Are there any improvements you would suggest or other aspects you would expect to see covered in the mission statements?

SNOLAB Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals define what we are going to do to fulfil the mission statements. SNOLAB has many stakeholders including the research community, funding agencies, government, public, academic and non-academic partners.  Each strategic goal has specific objectives and tasks that we wish to complete within the timescale of the Strategic Plan, with success factors defining if we have achieved these objectives. The four strategic goals that SNOLAB is working to deliver are:

Enable and spearhead world-class science;
Develop and maintain world-class infrastructure;

Educate, innovate and inspire;
Develop delivery systems of internationally recognized standard.
Do the current strategic goals of SNOLAB align with your requirements?

Are there any improvements or additional strategic goals SNOLAB should be considering?

Are there any specific objectives SNOLAB should be considering between 2017 and 2022? i.e. what specific tasks should we be looking to complete over the timescale of the Plan?

What success factors should SNOLAB be considering between 2017 and 2022 to show that we are achieving stakeholder expectations? i.e. what does success in achieving our strategic goals look like?

SNOLAB Strategic Plan

Looking at the current Strategic Plan as guidance:
Is the content appropriate to provide you with the information you require about the SNOLAB direction, strategic goals and objectives?

Is there enough information to allow you to assess SNOLAB’s commitment to your science and SNOLAB’s performance on delivery?

Is the length and format appropriate?


To help us contextualise the community feedback, please provide some general information about yourself:
What position do you hold?

What field of study are you engaged in?

Where are you geographically based (Country and Province/State/County)

Are you currently engaged in a SNOLAB project?

If so, what project are you engaged in?

Do you expect to be engaged in a SNOLAB project in the future?

If so, which project to you expect to be engaged in?


Is there anything else that you would like to comment on?

We may wish to follow up on your responses.  Please leave your email address if you are happy to be contacted.

May we quote you anonymously in the strategic plan?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

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